April 2018 Shopping Reflections

I was inspired by Xin to write my own Shopping Reflections for April.

First, I bought an olive summer coat in a small boutique in Cologne. I was there for a colleague’a birthday with some friends and I told E., one of my girlfriends, I had been looking for a linen coat for summer for forever. Five minutes into our shopping tour E. spots this coat, holds it up and declares „This seems to be the right coat for you“. She was right. I had never heard of the brand (Art Love Paris) before, but it’s quite well made and the color is just right. I’ve worn this 18 times already! This coat closes a gap in my wardrobe that has bothered me for quite some time.

I also bought a short-sleeved blouse second hand. It’s a red Levi’s blouse with polka dots and I got it for 6.50€. A great deal in my opinion! It’s quite lovely and I can see myself wearing it a lot. It has just arrived and its firs time out in the real world was a success. It’s very comfortable and flattering. I can’t wait to share some outfits with this blouse!

My boyfriend and I started running more regularly a couple of months ago. I wanted some more sun protection and didn’t want to squint all the time – I don’t feel ready for deep wrinkles yet (ever?). This Under Armour Cap I found on Zalando seems to be a good solution. I paid 15.95€ for it. I wouldn’t have bought the black cap with the white logo as no, thank you, I don’t want to be a running advertisement for your brand. The logo is less obnoxious on the white version as it sort of blends in.

I also ordered a set of cotton pajamas from Zalando. I don’t know the brand (Next), but these were very reasonably priced (20.50€), cute, and 100% cotton. It’s crazy to me how many pajamas are at least partly polyester. I feel sweaty and uncomfortable just thinking about sleeping in polyester pajamas. Still, these pajamas are strictly sleeping pajamas and I would never welcome guests into our home wearing these.

Finally, Zalando’s sneaky advertising worked on me this time. They recommended this cute Massimo Dutti bracelet to me and I spontaneously added it to my order. For only 6.00€ it was a small investment and has since added a touch of cuteness to some of my outfits.


I re-purchased my Clarins serum for the fourth time. I had a 10€ voucher for taking part in a customer survey on douglas.de, so I paid only 59.99€ for 50ml. It’s definitely not the cheapest serum, but lasts me very long and really works for my constantly dehydrated skin.


I also had to throw two things away in April. Unfortunately, one is the dress you can see in the picture with my new coat. It was my only long sleeved dress and while the quality was less than decent I loved the pattern and cut and got complimented on it all the time. I took it to a tailor in March as the seams on both arms were ripping open. I should have seen this as a sign that the lifespan of the dress was coming to an end, but really wanted to keep it so I got it fixed. Only a couple of weeks later the seams on its back were also ripping and I decided that further repairs would be a waste of time and money. I wore it 26 times in 2 years.

The other thing was an old top I bought for yoga 6 years ago. Mandala is known as a good brand for yoga wear and this top has earned its retirement. One of the straps half-ripped and I feared exposing myself should I have continued wearing it.

Total Spent: 147.95€ + 59.99€ 

How Do I Feel About It: Great. All necessary things (except for the bracelet) that I know I will wear and use a ton. Overall a good month.