Teaching Outfit One


This is me in my office, trying to get into more frequent blogging! Hello!

I’m teaching a course on personnel selection and performance appraisal this semester. I’m not that much older than the students and I decided to „duz“* them instead of „siezing“* them. I want them to respect me as a teacher but we do a lot of group projects and engage with the material with a lot of methods, so I want them to feel comfortable with giving feedback, expressing controversial opinions, and engaging in discussions. So „Du“ it is. But it was clear to me that figuring out a dress code for teaching was necessary to differentiate myself from them by dressing more formal. Students in Germany are mostly dressed pretty casually, so thankfully I don’t need to go overboard with a full-on business outfit.

I wore this ensemble today and felt very comfortable. Jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, summer blazer, leather belt, watch and cute earrings. I think this will be a good formula for a teaching outfit. My only change would be more formal shoes.

Do you have outfit formulas for special work situations?

* In German we have two different words for „you“, we say „du“ when we know someone or when it’s an informal relationship, and „Sie“ when we don’t know the person or in a formal relationship. However, it’s not always clear what is appropriate, especially when you and the other person are around the same age, so it’s quite common that people are not sure if it’s okay tu say „du“/if addressing someone with „Sie“ would be weird. I think in Spanish the guidelines as to when to say „tu“ vs „usted“ are a bit clearer than in German, but I might be wrong.