Power Pusher, a first review: when magic happens

When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas there was only one thing I could think of: a pair of Closed jeans. Closed is a denim label from Hamburg. Their denim is handmade in Italy under fair labor conditions. They mostly work with family enterprises, aiming for sustainability in materials and production. It’s not an organic label, but they do check almost every box I want checked. But the reason I wanted a pair so badly is because of a memory from the year before.

I tried a black pair on in the store the year before, liking them, but shying away from the price in the end. My mom, usually a reliable source for fashion recommendations, thought one did not need to spend that much on a pair of nice jeans. I hadn’t started my intense hunt for a pair of new jeans yet, didn’t know how difficult and annoying it would be. (Her assessment might have been accurate a couple of years ago. I have jeans from a couple of years ago that are accidentally 98% cotton. She doesn’t wear jeans anymore, judging them inappropriate for someone her age. I disagree, but this is another topic to discuss in a different post.)

Let’s continue my story. I would realize how badly I had been mistaken a couple of months later, regretting my decision not to hand over my money whenever I tried on a pair of black or gray denim and discovered them lacking. If – and that by itself was almost impossible- after looking at every single pair of jeans in a store I would eventually find a single style that fit my most important criterion (max 2% polyester/elasthan), the fit was completely off, nothing compared to the comfort and sturdiness of that pair of Closed jeans. A short sting, a rueful thought „THAT is how I want denim to be like.“ I thought of these jeans often.

I don’t even remember the style I tried that year, just my surprise at how nice they felt immediately: sturdy, comforting, flattering. But it was clear to me that the next time I would visit my parents, my mom and I needed to head to the Closed store in Eppendorf again. I tried several styles on, but quickly discovered that the Power Pusher and Pedal Pusher styles were my favourites by far. I chose one of each style, as I was simply unable to decide and fearful of regretting not purchasing the one left behind. Looking back one pair would have sufficed but as they are quite different I also don’t regret my temporary decision paralysis. My Power Pusher pair is the one you can see in all of the pictures.

Even though most pairs I looked at in the store felt well-made and sturdy not all of the pairs are 98% cotton.  Even in the two styles I mentioned (Power and Pedal pushers) material composition varies. I also want to add that both of the pairs I eventually chose (links above) have 98% cotton but feel completely different. The Power Pusher feels sturdy but has some stretch to it. In contrast, the Pedal Pusher is a lot stiffer. I will focus on the Power Pusher in this post, as I had far fewer chances to wear the Pedal Pusher (explanation at the bottom of this post).

The Power Pusher is the more conventionally flattering pair of the two, cut a bit slimmer and more fitted at the butt. A guy who was waiting for his daughter in front of the changing rooms was visibly confused when he realized I was unable to decide between the two pairs as it seemed obvious to him that the Power Pusher was the „right choice“. I also asked my mom and another female customer for their opinion and both could understand my decision paralysis as both pairs have their unique appeal.

After owning the Power Pushers for close to three months it’s time for a first evaluation. I have worn them 34 times, only washing them three times. They spent several nights in the freezer though, so don’t worry about my hygiene! Looking at this number makes it apparent that they were a good buy. They have not stretched out or sagged (yet? I hope not!). I love wearing them and intuitively reach for them whenever I open my closet. I have even coaxed myself into wearing something different a couple of times. („No, Clara. Wearing the same pair of pants five days a week is not appropriate!“). As you might infer from looking at the visual evidence, I love tucking sweaters and shirts into them. I strangely never did this with other denim, though I always loved the look on others. I now know that all my other jeans are too low cut and/or not stiff enough to hold a sweater in properly. The Power Pusher however is perfect for tucking. I am in love with the unique stitching in the front – you can always recognize a pair of Power Pushers and Pedal Pushers by this detail. The front pockets are incredibly comfortable. I love standing there with both hands in the pockets, relishing how nice it feels. I can’t put my finger on why exactly this feels so comforting, I just know it does. And I guess, that’s all you need to know to realize I have a full-fledged love affair with the Power Pusher. In fact, I could wax on and on, but I think I will restrain myself until I give an update on them at 100 wears. I’m confident they will hold up well, but let’s see.

With regards to the Pedal Pusher, I discovered that even though they felt a lot stiffer than the Power Pusher they stretched out quite a bit after the first wash. Fortunately, sending them back was not an issue as the Closed customer service is pretty great. Closed reexamined my pants to verify the amount of stretching – they are not allowed to stretch out more than 1 cm, which they did. I asked for the same style but one size smaller. It did only take a couple of days to figure this out, but then UPS lost my shipping, and it took forever until UPS found it and re-sent it to me – close to 3 weeks! Because of this delay I haven’t worn the Pedal Pushers as much.  


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